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Pollux Life Science Solutions – A Pharma Bolster

Who we are

Pollux, a Mumbai based firm is driven by a seasoned Pharma professional with over 30 years of quality association with the Industry. The core thought behind Pollux is to make a strong contribution to the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Pollux aims to accomplish its mission of a dual contribution to Pharma industry through offering.

  • A pool of skilled, pre trained human resource in various critical functional roles of industry operations.
  • Cost effective, efficient bolster services in the field of Quality, Facility validation, Drugs Regulatory and Supply Chain operations.

What we do

Pollux has created a dual bolster system for the Pharma Industry that will significantly
  • Optimise and rationalise the unproductive employee training cost.
  • Improve operational efficiency, controls so as to withstand the rigorous regulatory requirements and help emerge on the global horizon.

A: Human resource Development

  • Actively participating in Skills Indian mission.
  • Shaping careers of aspiring workforce through extensive training, help master corporate traits and expose to vibrancy of complex business environment.
  • Developing Human resource into a skilled, employable workforce for various critical functions of Pharma Industry.

B: Support Services to Pharma Industry

  Offer bolster services to Pharma Industry through
  • Offering Skilled, pre employment trained human resource in multiple functional roles associated with Manufacturing, Quality, Drugs Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance, Supply Chain Management and Sales.
  • Rendering high quality business solutions in the functional areas of Quality and Drugs Regulatory Affairs for emerging on global horizon.


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